Hindsight (is) 2020

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Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is.

John C. Maxwell

Your story matters

If we’re going to learn, it’s important to learn to evaluate our experiences. Yet, like skipping the directions for assembling Ikea furniture, we may be tempted to skip taking the time to step back and reflect. This year, there’s too much water under the bridge to not take the time to learn something from it that will make us better. It’s not about dwelling in the past, but objectively learn from it in order to adapt and grow. If it’s helpful, I’ve curated a simple document for you with the four categories I used for my own personal reflection this year. You can download the pdf or see the Reflection Points below.

Reflection Points


What are the experiences or life-events that are worth celebrating? These could span but a few moments or moments that span over months. It could be a relationship, a gift, an opportunity, or a maybe even something worth celebrating on someone else’s behalf. 


What changes did you face this year? These aren’t necessarily meant to be good or bad, but it’s simply recognize what change occurred. The change you experience may be big or small and how much it alters your life may vary, but the point is to acknowledge what has changed.


Really this is all about putting to pen and paper the life lessons you’ve learned from this past year. What did you learn from life’s celbrations/challenges? Did any of your values rise to the top of your priority list? What wisdom have you gained that you would you remind yourself of 5 years from now?  


John Maxwell says, “Change is inevitable, GROWTH is OPTIONAL”. We will continue to face change, and the key is to continue to grow ourselves at the same time. From this time of reflection, what are the areas of growth that you want to experience and what change to do you need to create to make it happen!  

Maybe I can help?

Processing your year with a coach can help bring clarity to what you’ve learned and the action you can take towards where you want to grow. I’d love to hear your story and help you move forward into 2021, so I’m offering you a complimentary Year in Review Coaching Session.

what will it look like?

In a 45min Zoom call, we’ll review your thoughts from the four Reflection Points (Celebrations, Changes, Connections & Creating Growth) with the goal to help you flesh out what and how you want to apply what you’ve learned.

I’d love to hear your story as someone who is without bias and also wants to see you move towards your potential.







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