Upcoming Workshop

Know Your Genius

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Time: 9:30am – 12pm


  • Working Genius Assessment w/ downloadable results
  • Two hour+ Virtual Workshop
  • Content Visuals (post-Workshop)
  • Customizable Personal Playbook

Cost: $187/person

Add-on: Working Genius Coaching Session (45min) for an additional $47

Refer a friend or colleage and receive your coaching session FREE? 

A Quick Overview

6 Working Geniuses

Stage of Work

1. Wonder

People with Wonder may ask, “Is there a better way?” They love to sit and imagine the possibilities. 

2. Invention

People with the Genius of Invention get joy from taking ideas and brainstorming solutions. 



Wonder and Invention are the beginning for any kind of work.


3. Discernment

People with the Genius of Discernment have a natural ability to evaluate the workability of ideas and give people good feedback.

4. Galvanizing

People with the Genius of Galvanizing love to get things going by rallying people around an idea and moving them in the right direction.


Discernment and Galvanizing are key components before the take-off of any idea.

5. Enablement

People with the Genius of Enablement are the ones who make things happen. They know how to help, when to help, and can flex to what needs to happen in order to help realize a vision. 

6. Tenacity

People with the Genius of Tenacity are task-oriented and love to take things across the finish line. They ensure it’s going to have the impact it’s supposed to have and lives up to agreed-upon standards. 


Enablement and Tenacity are necessary in order to turn our dreams into realities.

FAQ – What if I…

What if I primarily work independent of others?

Regardless if you work alone, this will be an eye-opening experience giving you personal insight into how YOU APPROACH WORK.

Why? Because it’s hard to build something with no light.

Meaning that without self-awareness, it’ll be hard to know where you can and ought to grow.

With WG – you’ll discover your Working Genius (where work is energizing) and your Working Frustraton (where work is draining) and be able understand why & where you experience success or challenges in certain areas.

With that knowledge, you can begin to adapt.

Plus work isn’t isolated to your career and you’ll gain insight for your relationshps & family life.

What if I'm good at each of the 6 activities?

You may very well be and that’s great. Many of us get called upon to do things because we’re good at it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we like it.

This model is really about clarifying where work gives you joy and energy and where it’s draining and therefore more challenging.

What if I just have a small team?

If you want to grow as a team as you move towards your vision then teamwork will be crucial!

Whether a big or small team, we all ask questions like “Why don’t they see it like me?” or “Why don’t they understand how important it is to…?” The best way to begin to work better together is to grow in our understanding of each other. Understanding our own Geniuses helps us to alleviate guilt about struggles we all have with certain types of work. It also helps us to be less judgmental with our team when we know what gives them joy vs. what drains them at work. 


Will this help our meetings be more productive?

Short answer: If you implement the model – YES!

We’ve all walked into meetings where we didn’t know what it was we were trying to accomplish. We’ve all walked away from those same meetings wondering what we decided.

The Working Genius helps to improve dialogue and directives in team meetings by understanding the 6 activities of work (broken into 3 stages) and gives your team language to clarify the purpose for each kind of meeting.

Email me and ask about the Working Genius Playbook.

What if I'm an Independent Contractor but regularly work on projects with others?

This model translates really well to project based work because it provides a linear structure for how work gets done. (Some bouncing back & forth between activities)

First, invite those you regularly work with to participate. Or better yet, book me for a Workshop with your dedicated team.

But even if you’re the only one, this will give you language and a framework to help you communicate clearly & influence your team so you can be more effective together!

What if I want to bring this to my team?

Contact me and let’s get started on a dedicated Workshop for your team!


What if I have a larger team of 5 or am part of a bigger business with various departments??

Yes – This will have a big impact on your team. Perhaps you start with your immediate team and becomes a trial run for the company. What ever you level of leadership, let’s explore how we can take that first step!

Contact me and we’ll figure out appropriate next steps!


Team Sessions for Your Organization

Team Discovery

  1. Custom link for WG Assessment provided via The Table Group
  2. All assessments completed by team members with immediate results from The Table Group (to be completed 1 week prior to Workshop)
  3. Leader Prep & Follow-up call with Team Leader (up to 45 min)
  4. 90-120 min WG Virtual Workshop where:
    • review model
    • review individual results
    • review team map from results

Team Plus

Everything from “Team Discovery” package  plus a second Workshop within 30-60 days (Option for One 3-4hr Workshop)

  1. Broader Overview of Model
    • Responsive vs. Disruptive
    • Guilt & Judgement
  2. The Genius of Meetings
    • Meeting Model Overview based on Lencioni’s Book Death By Meeting
    • What stage of work is each kind of meeting at?
    • Who should lead each kind of Meeting?
  3. Team Exercise – Review Past Project in light of Working Genius
  4. Additional Leader Prep & Follow-Up Calls
  5. Option: Individual Follow-Up coaching calls with each staff member

From Clients

Our experience with Mike and the Working Genius was valuable. Mike did a great job in guiding our discussions and unpacking the Working Genius with our team. We were able to gain understanding about our strengths and challenges and how it impacts our team. We’ve seen the benefits this workshop has provided in defining roles on our team.

- Dwight C.

Financial Advisor/Business Owner, Sun Life Financial

About Patrick Lencioni & The Table Group

The team at the Table Group has been working diligently to change the world of work. At the core, they believe work is meant to be dignifying and that God created each of us to contribute to the world in a unique way. Over the years, they’ve developed tools and models to help make organizations healthier and more successful and teams more effective and cohesive. Books like The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Advantage, and The Ideal Team Player, were all parts of a larger endeavor to transform the world of work.

The Six Working Geniuses is Pat and the Table Group’s newest model that has evolved from their own experience, frustrations and client interactions. It is quickly proving to resonate with organizations abroad and making a difference in how teams operate.