About Michael Dueck

A Maxwell Leadership Team Member 

A Certified Working Genius Facilitator

michael dueck

A Husband & Father

I’m married to my wife Alison, and together we have two daughters who are proving to me that time really speeds by once you begin to have kids.

If any role is going to define me, it’s the role of being a family man that matters most and I hope will be my greatest legacy. Family is the place where I believe our influence will have its greatest reach into the future. Though I definitely have a long ways to go in these roles, it’s importance seems to increase with each passing year.

One of my take-aways from my role as a husband & father boils down to the lesson to lead with humility and honesty (which is always easier said than done).

Your value of family may be one of the main reasons you’re looking to hire me as a coach! Whatever the reason or value you have for growing as leader, I applaud you – and I’d love nothing more than to help you live out those values with greater intention and passion!

michael dueck

My Heart as a Leadership Coach  

I remember walking with my father-in-law in a cemetery (seems a bit ominous I know) and he asked the question wondering how many dreams lay buried beneath these tombstones with those who never tried to accomplish them.

As a Leadership Coach, my heart is to see people lean into their dreams instead of shying away only to see those dreams fade into distant memories. That dream might be about starting a business, or it might be about a relationship you want restored. In the end, what’s more significant than the dream itself, is the significance of a life lived on purpose, with purpose. 

One of my roles as a personal coach is to be someone who will hold others accountable to their dreams and goals while creating a lifestyle of intentional living & self-leadership.

Previous life experiences that have led me here…

I’ve spent the last 12 years working in the non-profit sector…9 of those in an associate pastoral roles (7 yrs full-time & 2 part-time) and 5 years in various roles including PR & Programs Coordinator for mission organizations.  It was in these mission organizations where I experienced the end of a major long-standing ministry, and the birth of new ministry in it’s place…and all the transition that took place in the middle.  

Through all those experiences, I’ve learned that change is hard whether it’s initiated internally or externally. I’m still learning to choose to find a way to grow through the change & develop resilience instead of fighting to remain the same. And as a coach, I want to help leaders be resilient so they can extend the reach of their influence where it matters the most.

A Few Random Things

What was the last book you finished?

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Would you holiday at the Beach or in the Mountains?

100% Mountains!

Favourite Food?

This is a really tough one because I enjoy food, but I’m going to have to go with Pizza because you can still get a wide variety of flavours – from adding curry to a combination of pear, bacon and brie in a wood fire pizza oven…so good from Manley’s Bakery in Consul, Sk.

Favourite Vacation?

We have a tradition of camping in Cypress Hills, Sk and I absolutely love that time away, sitting around a fire, watching the kids put on silly shows, cooking on the fire and being in nature.

Personality type?

I’m an Enneagram 5 and an INFP on the Meyers Briggs.

Working Geniuses?

Genius: Wonder & Discernment

Competency: Invention & Tenacity

Frustrations: Enablement & Galvanizing

Favourite Movie Series?

Chronicles of Narnia, but also really enjoyed the How to Train a Dragon series.

Coaching & Training

Leadership 1-1 Coaching

Imagine an unbiased relationship with someone who is committed to your personal growth and holds you accountable to your dreams & aspirations.


Group Coaching

With a mix of group coaching & 1-1 leadership coaching, you’ll benefit from the growth journeys of other leaders that adds perspective to your own self-awareness & clarity of goals.



Whether it’s discovering each other’s Genius with Lencioni’s Six Types of Working Genius or using content from John C. Maxwell, we’ll discuss & create something that will meet your needs and grow your team.