eliminate regret

write your story; don't just narrate it
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Live with Intent
yOur Story Matters

What story do you want your future tell?

Lead with Intent
their Story Matters

Your level of resilience will determine the reach of your influence.
How far do you want your influence to reach?

A coach for you

Don’t leave your growth to chance by assuming it will happen simply via experience! That’s not self-leadership…it’s abdicating your responsibility to think and create the future you!

  • Develop follow-through
  • Generate momentum
  • Cultivate creativity
  • Build character
  • Create a collaborative culture
  • Turn the corner

Are you ready to write your leadership story & leave ‘regret’ behind?

Fresh Insight for your leadership & team 

The Working Genius assessment is 20% personality and 80% productivity. People who understand their genius show up to work happier, are more effective, and play well with others.

As a Working Genius Certified Facilitator I’m equipped to coach and apply results to help you and your team leverage Working Genius to be more innovative, strategic, and effective.

From eliminating guilt & shame to improving team dialogue this resource from Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group just may be your next step as a team!

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