Embracing the Power of Wonder: Pioneering Growth and Innovation at Work

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Working Genius

Wonder is Foundational

In the dynamic realm of work, the journey always begins with wonder – that captivating state of contemplation where we explore the horizons of possibility. This is where the magic starts. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of wonder as a driving force for innovation and growth within organizations.

Why Wonder Matters for Teams

When wonder is harnessed effectively, teams embark on a transformative journey towards  meaningful work. They engage in keen observation, carefully considering their environment, and grappling with the profound questions that underlie their potential. This process isn’t merely an abstract exercise; it’s the compass that guides teams towards meaningful change.

Consider this: you can’t hit a homerun – or single for that matter, without being pitched to. Similarly, Wonder acts as the pitcher by setting a team up to see a need or opportunity.

Once the team has their eye clearly on the ball, they can take a crack at coming up with a solution.

Here the team evolves from the realm of wonder to action. This transition begins with invention – the strategic act of crafting solutions that close the gap towards what’s possible.

The spark of wonder has just illuminated a journey for relevant work to take shape.

Navigating the Boundaries of Wonder

Just like any strength, wonder comes with its own set of challenges because it can be misused or overused. This brings us to the potential pitfalls:

  1. The Dangers of Overuse: Wonder, if overindulged, can transform into a stumbling block. Overthinking every facet of potential can impede progress, preventing the natural evolution of thought into tangible invention.
  2. The Macro-Level Challenge: On a grander scale, wonder can be discouraging when it’s use is ill-timed. It might manifest as the nagging question, “Is this the right path?” or “Perhaps we should explore this further?” While these questions are valid, they can inadvertently disrupt ongoing processes and decisions that are already in motion.
Harnessing Wonder: Practical Tips

To harness wonder effectively, consider these actionable insights:

  1. Naming the Wonder: When you possess a profound wonder-driven insight, communicate it with clarity. Begin your thoughts with a phrase like, “I have a question stemming from wonder here, and while its relevance might be uncertain, I want to process it with you to find out.” This approach disarms any potential resistance, highlighting your intention to contribute positively.
  2. Leadership’s Role: Leaders play a crucial role in nurturing wonder within teams. Leaders need to foster an environment that values expansive thinking and embraces macro-level questions, ensuring the potential value in wonder isn’t squandered. By giving this kind of attention for Wonder, it paves the way for innovation and prevents the silencing of insightful wonderers. As a result, you can minimize the frequency of poorly timed Wonder as team members learn to regulate their Genius, being confident there’s a recognized space for it to occur.
  3. Embracing Action: For those who possess the gift of wonder, remember that potential is a never-ending journey. While improvement is always on the horizon, don’t shy away from the crucial step of translating wonder into decisive action.

While Wonder holds the key to unlocking the hidden dimensions of potential and innovation, it must be used with candid awareness and vulnerability.

When Wonder is valued and deployed thoughtfully, organizations can navigate the fine line between contemplation and action. The result: unprecedented growth and transformation into new territory is ahead because you’ve taken a step back, breathed and wondered what could be if…

Embrace the Wonder within AND let it fuel the fire of progress!

Blog re-written by ChatGPT from original Michael Dueck content & then edited again.

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